MISSION: We are the DIR/Floortime Coalition of California. We are parents, families, and professionals promoting parent and family choice in treatments, including developmental approaches to intervention such as DIR/Floortime to help people across the lifespan with Autism and other developmental challenges. We are committed to expanding awareness, access to, and use of developmental approaches through education, fundraising, research, networking, and policy advocacy.


  • Parent Choice including true informed consent and access
  • Responsible funding for intervention and treatment
  • Evidence-Based Practice defined by the medical and healthcare community (Sackett et. Al, 1996) as the use of clinical judgment with the best available research to provide families truly informed consent. In this way, families become empowered to choose approaches best suited to their needs.
  • DIR®/Floortime™ philosophy and interventions are meant to form an umbrella under which specific strategies are provided. We welcome dialogue and collaboration with colleagues from other evidence-based approaches.


  1. Legislative advocacy to ensure our right to practice
  2. Fund-raising in order to accomplish this aim
  3. Development and nurturing of ongoing relationships with legislators and other key people
  4. Maintenance of mutually supportive relationships with our colleagues in other states and countries
  5. Promotion of better research that clarifies the utility of and improves DIR®/Floortime™ philosophy and interventions